Zennie62Media Services


Content Development And Marketing

Basically, you're looking for a paid blog entry.  It's designed to talk about you or your brand, or your desired topic.  But you don't want to just have a blog post up, you want it to generate buzz and sales and also to be as widely seen as possible.  Moreover, you'd love it if a video was included.   All of this, but you don't know where to go to get it?  


That's where Zennie62Media comes in.  We not only make the blog post (and disclose that it's a paid sponsorship blog post separate from our normal blog and vlog news coverage), we place it in the appropriate blogs in our network of over 98 of them, and then so a step beyond that and distribute the post via social media. 


Finally, we give you a report of what's been done, and its distribution, and how it all performed in the social media space.